My Arts and Crafts Shows in PA and My Website!

When I started making jewelry, I didn't have any intention of selling because of my health condition; I just needed to do something to keep myself busy. I don't know how, but once I touched the beads, I fell in love with them. I started giving them to my friends who helped us when we needed it. They liked them so much that they wanted to pay, but I didn't expect that. I said that I couldn't take their money because I wanted to give them as gifts. Then one of my friends said that she will take one as a gift andbuy one necklace she liked very much. I thought that she was the only one, but other friends also started buying. I gave many gifts to my nurses, the hospital staff, doctors' wives, etc.

One of the nurses first introduced me to the idea of craft shows as I didn't know what they were before. The first one I did was organized by the hospital in which I was receiving treatment. My good friend helped me to set up for this show.  She gave me the table, drove me to the show, stayed with us until the end of the show.  I have to thank all the friends who have encouraged me to do shows successfully.  Some of them came to the shows, brought their friends and bought the stuff from me.  I was so lucky to have such wonderful friends.  After that I started applying for a lot of shows. From September to December I did a show almost every week for few years.  You can see the pictures of my arts and crafts shows and how many I have done.  I have gotten good responses. 

In the beginning I started with just glass beads, glass pearls but I used to do different designs, and along with that, I started making beaded pillows, beaded wall hangings, beaded accessories, beaded apparel, and beaded greeting cards for different occasions.  I have sold some beaded pillows, wall hangings on Then I started my website, but I only sent the link to my friendsduring the special occasions, and I got some orders.  I did very well in the first year.  Later on, I had good customers who used to order custom made jewelry.  Since last year, I have been thinking about remodeling my old website and starting it as a business one this time. I hope you all like it and encourage me, support me so that I can contribute to medical expenses which insurance doesn't cover.

By doing arts and crafts shows I have made good friends and learned so many things. My favorite thing was to get out of the house and meet the people, meet different kinds of vendors and see the variety of art and crafts; I enjoyed every minute of it.  My husband Sreenivas was behind all this. He drove me to shows, helped to set up the tables, took the kids to soccer on Saturdays and came back after the games to stay until the show is over, and then help me to pack up and drove us all home.  He was very patient; without his help and my kids' support I never could have made it until now.

I am starting this website with just jewelry and then slowly I'll add other works of mine too.  I do custom made wall hangings, pillow covers, greeting cards etc.  I love my bead work and enjoy it very much.  It helped me when I was having tough time; it was like a therapy for me. I hope you all like this website. Welcome to my Inspiration bead works website!

I'll post the upcoming arts and craft shows and if you are able to attend, you are welcome.